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Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Buy Legitimate Exorcisms: Those Internet Ones Are Bogus, Says Exorcist

Bob Larson, Evangelical Reverend of the Spiritual Freedom Church in Scottsdale, Arizona, and self-proclaimed exorcist, does not want the public to be bilked by greedy Big Exorcism purveyors in cushy geographical monopolies, so he appeared on Anderson Cooper’s show to discuss how he is bringing exorcisms to the needy – by curing them over the Internet.

Big Exorcism does not agree and I agree with their disagreement. We know that voodoo – sympathetic magic – is bogus so if you want an exorcism done right, it has to be in person. Experts agree that people possessed by demons are not going to just sit there in front of a computer screen and let someone on Skype send them back to Lucifer. But you can try. Vocativ notes one start-up is selling exorcism home-training courses for a cool $29.95.


Friday, August 12th, 2011

Idiotic teenager who peed on girl cut from US ski team

It’s easy not to respect skiers because it is a sport only well-heeled parents can afford for kids. If you need a poster child for skiers with a sense of entitlement, you found one in Robert “Sandy” Vietze, 18, who has blown his chance to compete in the 2014 Winter Games in Russia.

He may not have made the team anyway, since skiing is competitive and drunken idiots can get to trials on talent but usually not to Yje Show. This idiot was so drunk on a recent airplane flight he stumbled up to an 11-year-old girl who was traveling with her father, a Stage 4 cancer patient, and pissed on her. When the father returned from the restroom to witness it, he tried to punch out 6-foot-4-inch, 195-pound Vietze. The only thing more pathetic than being a spoiled, drunken sot peeing on a girl’s leg is getting punched out by a cancer patient. (more…)

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

In Russia, sex doll ride you

Back when blogging first started, it was lonely. Me and maybe 5 other people were being funny on the Internet. Otherwise, humor was dominated by big companies and blogging was dominated by earnest do-gooders protesting wars (until a Democrat did it – neo-con imperialism in Libya is standing up for freedom so we get no war protests) and whatever else would annoy a Republican president.

These days, even mainstream media blogging is chock full of quality humor. So I had no trouble finding details on the the annual Bubble Babba Love Doll Race that took place at the Vuoksa River Rapids near Saint-Petersburg a few days ago. Over 800 people were willing to see how the dolls can save lives, should it be essential.

What is it? Nothing but an excuse to read the title of this post in your favorite Russian accent. Seriously, this is it. Not only is this it, the pics are NSFW despite the fact they are plastic or latex or whatever these things are made of.