August 8th, 2013

Climate Change Is Happening: Manhattan, San Francisco Impacted Most

Did you know California has its own Environmental Protection Agency?  Yep, because the federal EPA is too methodical and so the state Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment has issued an apocalyptic report noting that California oceans are more acidic, California salmon populations are on the decline, Conifer forests are retreating from California, California butterflies are emerging earlier in the spring, California glaciers are shrinking and snow runoff has dropped.

Climate change is really doing a number on the coasts. In late 2012 a tropical storm, which happens dozens and dozens of times per year, turned into a gigantic Super Storm fueled by global warming in order to target media companies in Manhattan. The damage to New York City’s most important borough was so extensive that environmental activists insisted no water-sealing subway doors be installed lest that be a band aid that masks the real problem of climate change.

In California, the problem is more severe. Temperature readings from 1895 – we all know how accurate thermometers were then – compared to today show an average 1.5 degree difference.

We didn’t need a $300,000 report to tell us that, this simple chart is all the proof we need:

Expect more heat waves, wildfires and higher sea levels as the state warms, the report said. The report “vastly overstates the impacts of greenhouse gases,” said University of Alabama at Huntsville atmospheric sciences professor John Christy.

Well how would he know? He doesn’t live in California or Manhattan so he isn’t going to be in tune to the real effects of global warming as seen by the people who matter most.

My greatest concern is that Serinda Swan won’t have a reason to wear all these clothes as temperature climbs. And she looks great in clothes:

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  1. Cash Says:

    Don’t recognize her in the article pic? This may be more familiar. She was the only good thing about Tron: Legacy…