August 11th, 2011

In Russia, sex doll ride you

Back when blogging first started, it was lonely. Me and maybe 5 other people were being funny on the Internet. Otherwise, humor was dominated by big companies and blogging was dominated by earnest do-gooders protesting wars (until a Democrat did it – neo-con imperialism in Libya is standing up for freedom so we get no war protests) and whatever else would annoy a Republican president.

These days, even mainstream media blogging is chock full of quality humor. So I had no trouble finding details on the the annual Bubble Babba Love Doll Race that took place at the Vuoksa River Rapids near Saint-Petersburg a few days ago. Over 800 people were willing to see how the dolls can save lives, should it be essential.

What is it? Nothing but an excuse to read the title of this post in your favorite Russian accent. Seriously, this is it. Not only is this it, the pics are NSFW despite the fact they are plastic or latex or whatever these things are made of.

Love Doll race in Russia

There’s a woman in the picture above but this thing, as you would expect, is a total sausage fest. But because you expect to see girls with your science and pop culture, here is another.

Is there a better joke to make in that title? On GooglePlus (via Andrea Kuzsewski) I saw “In Mother Russia, even the boats are sexy” but otherwise I am stumped, despite the fact that the humor for this should write itself.

Can you make this funnier?

Of course, Russia has a way to go before it can become as progressive as Poland. The Poles even have self-service blow up dolls along the road in case you, ummm, can’t want until you get home.

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